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Bill Whitley 
Dear Insurance Professional,
Hi, my name is Bill Whitley. I’m founder and president of the Risk Advisor Institute here in Charlotte, North Carolina. We specialize in providing professional Risk Advisor training for multi-line insurance agencies.

My Director of Training, Steve Wilmer, and I have just published this new book, Supercharge Your Multi-line Agency – Proven Techniques for Closing More Sales & Building the Agency of your Dreams.
And I want you to have a FREE copy so you and your agency can directly benefit from the sales practices employed every day by some of America’s most successful multi-line insurance agents.
Here's just some of what you'll discover in supercharge...
  • 6 magic words to say every time someone asks, “What do you do?” – page 13
  • 5 great things that happen when you transition from quoting insurance... to advising clients on how to protect their family from real world, everyday risks – page 5
  • 14 magic words you can use to instantly identify yourself as a valuable Risk Advisor, not a typical insurance salesperson – page 8
  •  How a simple diagram you draw gives you a clear picture of your prospect’s insurance needs, and shows him which of the 7 biggest risks he may need protection against – page 31
  • 8 most common life insurance objections and how to overcome them – page 99
  •  25 powerful customer attraction stories that increase your credibility and melt customer resistance – page 135
  • A proven script that’ll dramatically increase your referrals – page 56
  • 12 ways to get prospects and customers to come into your office – page 111
  • What to say when your prospect or customer says, “I can’t afford it” - page 101
  • 11 winning sales techniques: What to say, what not to say – page 121
  • How to head off customer irritation when you ask “personal” questions about income, retirement savings, etc. – page 36
  •  ... and much more
So, are you ready to skyrocket your agency’s sales and profits with the super-productive sales concepts used by America’s elite, superstar agents? If so, this 170-page book is your step-by-step guide.
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What Other Agents Are Saying
J. Shaffer
Pensacola, FL
"Completely changed how we talk with customers & prospects…”

“Last year, our team had only closed 8 Life policies and lost our edge in Auto. Since we implemented your program (4 months ago), we have closed 54 life policies, lead our region in raw New Autos. Biggest difference-makers are the ‘Your World’® Discovery Conversation, and positioning ourselves as Risk Managers versus just insurance quoters. These two concepts completely changed how we talk with customers and prospects.”
J. Smith
Solana Beach, CA
"Immediate sales impact…”

“These techniques had an immediate impact on my agency. I just closed an $840K mutual fund deal, with $600K more to come. Also can attribute $8,900 LTC sales and an abundance of life sales as well. I stopped counting, but sold something like 10-15 umbrellas in a row in IFRs from this.”
J. Kizziah
Pensacola, FL
“You have helped me maximize my bonus!”

"Until we started using the ‘Your World’® Conversation, our process was mostly about policy reviews and a short pivot or two. Now we educate customers about all their areas of risk and frequently get ‘Thank You’ comments. Thank YOU, Bill, for sharing this process. You have helped me maximize my bonus!”
About the authors

Bill Whitley

Bill Whitley is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and researcher who specializes in helping multi-line insurance professionals attract more clients, close more sales, and deepen client relationships. He’s authored three books on salesmanship, including: Art of the Rainmaker; Eight Secrets of Top-Performing Agents; and Supercharge Your Multi-line Agency.

His unique sales and customer loyalty concepts are derived from Bill’s extensive study of insurance sales practices, and personal experience as a top-echelon sales executive who achieved and maintained an 80% presentation-to-close ratio.

Steve Wilmer

After 18 years as a U.S. Marine and law enforcement officer, Steve Wilmer changed career paths to join a State Farm agency in Pensacola, Florida. He was an average insurance producer until he implemented the sales system outlined in Supercharge Your Multi-line Agency. Then, he quickly rose through the ranks of his agency to become one of the top producers in the state of Florida.

Now a popular trainer, author, speaker, and agency performance coach, Steve is author of three books: 10 to Win; Nobody CaresWork Harder; and Supercharge Your Multi-line Agency.
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Bill Whitley 
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